Effective Headache Remedies

Effective Headache Remedies At Home

Everybody has definitely experienced a headache once in his or her lifetime. Since it is one of the indispensable and common illnesses everyone experiences, people have learned to find ways to relieve the discomfort brought by headaches.


Remedying Headaches

Headaches are usually caused by physical and emotional stress. If you are dying to find a solution to your persistent headache, try taking in over the counter remedies like aspirin, acetaminophen, and ibuprofen. But if you are not a big fan of prescribed or over the counter medications, try these home remedies for a change. 
1. Try using compresses or cold packs. For tension headaches—the most common form of headache—try applying a warm or cold compress to your forehead and the base of your neck to numb the pain.

2. Try using heat. If cold compresses wouldn’t work out for you, try using a warm washcloth or a hot water bottle can ease the pain.

3. Develop a routine of deep breathing exercises. If you suffer from headaches very often, try sitting in a darkened room, take in deep breaths using your nose, and let it pass through your mouth.

4. Experience the wonders of acupressure. By squeezing the web of skin between and the thumb through acupressure, it can reduce the pains and can help you relax.

5. Try relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, and biofeedback. By trying these relaxation techniques, the person who suffers from a headache can feel the pain flowing out of the head. It can also help reduce stress.

6. Relieve the affected area by applying ointment with heat. Ben-Gay or Icy Hot rubbed on the forehead or on the base of the neck, can give a soothing warm feeling to your head.

7. The power of music. Try listening to relaxing music while lying down or resting.

8. Exercise regularly. Physical activities like regular exercise can relieve stress because it can loosen up the knots and balls of pain in your head.

9. Get enough sleep. Having six to eight hours of sleep can help you soothe your tired nerves. But, beware of sleeping for more than 10 hours because it can cause a major headache as well.

10. If possible, use a neck pillow in bed. If you are prone to experiencing morning headaches, try using a neck pillow to your neck while you sleep.

11. Totally eliminate caffeine, salt, MSG, and chocolate in your diet. Load up on lots of fruits, veggies, and water to keep your body well hydrated.

12. If you can, avoid bright light because it leads to a major headache once your squint.

13. Don’t skip meals. Skipping meals can lead to low blood sugar. When your sugar level goes down, your blood vessels in the brain tightens that leads to headache.

14. Don’t eat foods that have nitrates, sulfites, and msg because these are primary headache causes. Also, avoid aged cheeses and nuts so you won’t experience headaches.

15. Don’t smoke and avoid smoke-filled rooms.
Furthermore, keeping a headache journal can help the individual become more aware of things that are happening that he or she may not take note of if not for the headache diary. Keeping a headache diary handy is the first step to a very important headache cure and treatment because this will help you and your doctor correctly diagnose what the problem really is.  


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