30 Days to a Healthy Habit [Days 1-10]

a couple planning on how to create healthy habits


Are you sick of making new year's resolutions or promising yourself a healthy lifestyle only to break them within a week? Everyone's been there. What if you could create a healthy habit in 30 days? You may change your life and become your best self in one month.

To develop a lasting healthy habit, we'll walk you through the first 10 days. We cover everything from fitness to meal planning and mindfulness for a total lifestyle change. You may create lasting improvements with professional counsel, practical tips, and actionable steps. No more fad diets or short fixes—create a sustainable habit to improve your physical and emotional health. Join us on this 30-day journey to a healthier, happier self if you're ready to change and prioritize your health. Let's begin!

DAY 1 Find an app that can help you

We're starting with something simple but powerful. Find an app to track your health goals and progress. Research the many health and fitness apps available to pick one that works for you. You can use an app to track your water intake, calories, or workouts.

Apps like MyFitnessPal are popular for tracking health goals. This app tracks calories, meals, and activity. It also offers hints to stay on track. Headspace is another wonderful tool for stress reduction and mental clarity with guided meditations and mindfulness activities.

Use a good app consistently. Use reminders and notifications to keep on track, and alter your goals as needed. Healthy habits are formed by making them part of your routine. Start by choosing a helpful app and utilizing it daily.

DAY 2 Turn off unnecessary notifications

Minimizing distractions and enhancing focus are today's topics. Mobile phones are a major distraction. Notifications and alerts can overwhelm us and distract us. So today, we'll disable unneeded notifications.

Turn off notifications for non-essential apps in your phone's settings. Do you need to be notified every time someone shares an Instagram snap or receives an email? Probably not. Turning off notifications lets you focus on what matters without getting distracted by your phone.

Some notifications are essential and can't be disabled. You should keep call, text, and calendar notifications. For anything else, disable notifications and check your phone when you want


a man organizing his phone as part of building a healthy habit

DAY 3 Get rid of any apps that you don't use

Today, we'll delete your unused apps to reduce distractions. Spend a few minutes deleting apps you haven't used in a month from your phone.

This will declutter your phone, making it easier to discover your apps, and help you manage your time. Removing useless apps will help you spend less time on social media and games.

You may not use some programs often, but they're still crucial. You may only use your banking app once a month, but it's important. Choose apps to keep and delete using your best judgment.


DAY 4 Switch your phone to grayscale

A minor but powerful adjustment to your phone's display is coming today. Change it to grayscale.

Why grayscale? The vivid display on our phones is a major distraction. It's meant to engage us, yet it can be overwhelming and stressful. Greyscale reduces phone stimulation by removing bright colors.

Go to "Accessibility" in your phone's settings to turn it greyscale. Choose "Display & Text Size," then "Color Filters." Turn on "Color Filters" and choose "Grayscale."

How your phone looks in grayscale may surprise you. No worries—all your applications and functions will work as before. Try it for yourself if it works for you.


DAY 5 Turn on your blue light filter

Today, we'll enable the blue light filter to improve your phone's display. Electronic devices generate blue light, which can interrupt sleep and cause eye strain.

Blue light filters are included into most cellphones. Find "Display & Brightness" in your phone's settings to enable it. It's usually called "Night Mode" select it and enable. Set the schedule to turn on at dusk and off in the morning.
Turning on the blue light filter lets you use your phone before bed without disturbing sleep. You'll also lessen blue light-induced eye strain and headaches.


a girl trying out a new recipe as part of building a healthy habit

DAY 6 Cook a new recipe tonight

We're discussing healthy eating today. Home cooking is a great method to consume healthy, nutritious meals. However, it's simple to get bored and make the same foods. So we're challenging you to make a new recipe today.

Find a tasty, healthy, and simple dish. You can find recipe ideas online or in a cookbook. Choose something you're keen to try and that suits your diet.

Cooking a new recipe expands your culinary skills and introduces new flavors and ingredients. This can help you stop eating the same way and find new healthy things you like. Cooking at home is cheaper than eating out and gives you full control over ingredients and portions.

But realistically, not everyone has the time and opportunity to try new recipes. That's why you should also incorporate supplements into your daily routine to help offset the nutrients that you may be missing out on.

Consider the following supplements from Nano Singapore:

Digestive Wellness Formula: This supplement contains a blend of probiotics and prebiotics that help to support gut health. Gut health is important for overall health and well-being, as it plays a role in digestion, immunity, and mood.

Joint Wellness Formula: This supplement contains a blend of glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM that help to support joint health. Joint health is important for maintaining mobility and reducing pain and inflammation.

Turmeric Curcuma: This supplement contains turmeric, a spice that has been used for centuries for its medicinal properties. Turmeric has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that may help to improve overall health and well-being.

These are just a few examples of supplements that you can incorporate into your daily routine to help offset the nutrients that you may be missing out on. Be sure to talk to your doctor before taking any new supplements, especially if you have any underlying health conditions


middle aged couple reading a book as part of building a healthy habit

DAY 7 Pick a quiet place & read a good book

We're practicing mindfulness and relaxation today. You should decompress and rejuvenate daily. A peaceful area to read a good book is one method to do this.

Get a book you've been meaning to read but haven't. It could be a novel, memoir, or self-help. Find a peaceful spot to read the book without interruptions. It could be a quiet park bench, library, or nice corner at home.

Reading helps you relax and escape the daily grind. Focus, concentration, and creativity can also improve. Read a decent book today to relax your mind.


DAY 8 Go on a walk and enjoy the scenery

Today is about exercise and the outdoors. Walking is one of the easiest and most effective exercises. This low-impact, equipment-free activity can be done anywhere.

Visit a peaceful park or nature trail for a walk. Enjoy the sights and sounds of nature at your leisure. Be mindful of leaf colors, bird sounds, and sunburns.

Walking boosts happiness, cardiovascular health, and stress reduction. Also fantastic for Vitamin D and fresh air. So put on your sneakers and walk today.

DAY 9 Start journaling your thoughts

We're discussing mental health and self-reflection today. Journaling helps you process emotions and thoughts. It can help you uncover behavior patterns, clarify goals, and reduce tension and worry.

Record your thoughts in a calm spot. Start by writing about your day, goals, or thoughts. Write from the heart, not grammar or spelling.

Paper journals or digital apps like Day One or Penzu can be used for journaling. Making it a habit and using it for self-reflection and growth is key.


a boy turning of his phone 1 hour before bed as part of building a healthy habit

DAY 10 Don't touch your device 1 Hour before bed

Improve your sleep patterns today. Electronic devices are a major cause of insomnia. Phones, tablets, and computers generate blue light that disrupts sleep rhythms and makes it harder to fall asleep.

Today, we challenge you to stay away from your smartphone for an hour before bed. Spend time relaxing instead. Reading, bathing, or moderate stretching are options.

You may quiet your bedroom by turning off your phone and other devices. This will calm you for a good night's sleep.



Congratulations! The first 10 days of our 30-day healthy habit challenge are over. Following these basic yet effective guidelines is the first step to a better, happier life. Remember that healthy habits take time and effort. However, daily tiny modifications can develop long-term habits that lead to success.

Stay tuned for the next 10-day plan on fitness, diet planning, and more. Maintain your excellence and see you in the next post.



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