Bodybuilding for Women: The Ultimate Guide

Bodybuilding for Women The Ultimate Guide


Bodybuilding is not just for men—it’s a fantastic way to see your body change and get fit. Whether you’re a woman looking to build some lean muscle or someone who wants to lose a few pounds, it doesn’t matter because there are so many ways to do so. Bodybuilding for women is no different to bodybuilding for men. You break down muscle tissue during workouts so your body makes them bigger and stronger.

In this article, we will talk you through everything you need to know about starting an intense bodybuilding routine for women. From what type of exercises target the right muscles and how often you should be doing them, we’ll give you the answers you need. If you want more information on how exercise can help reduce stress and improve your mood in addition to other health benefits then check out our guide with 10 Reasons Why You Should Exercise Every Day .

What Is Bodybuilding?

A bodybuilding routine is typically a period of intensive training that aims to improve your muscularity and help you gain muscle mass. This typically involves lifting lighter weights at a slower pace in order to give the body a chance to grow new muscle. The goal is to gain more muscle mass while at the same time reducing fat. There are many benefits to bodybuilding, including:

  • Improving your health and fitness
  • Looking good in your clothes
  • Increased self-esteem
  • Increased confidence
  • Better sex life
  • Better social interactions
  • Better career opportunities
  • Better health
  • Better quality of life
  • Better training
  • Better feelings
  • Better sleep
  • Better mood
  • Better muscle recovery
  • Better metabolism
  • Better mental health
  • Better muscle mass

The Difference Between Strength Training and Bodybuilding

Strength training involves using lighter loads at a slower speed in order to build strength and endurance. This is good for improving your health, but won’t build muscle. Bodybuilding is a completely different activity and involves using heavier weights at a faster pace in order to build muscle. This is good for building the type of muscle that will give you a toned physique.

Muscle-Building Routine for Women

Just like men, women can build muscle. A muscle is the tissue that makes up your body and is made of protein. Muscle tissue can be built through strength training (lifting weights) and resistance exercise. There are many different strength training and resistance exercise programs, but the most successful programs involve the following:

  • Strength training is done to improve your strength and endurance while lowering your risk of injury. It can be done at any age and can be done from 5 to 70+.
  • Resistance exercise is done to build muscle. It is limited to those who are over the age of 18 due to the demands the body places on the joints and is limited to those who are over the age of 18 due to the demands the body places on the joints.

When Should You Start Strength Training?

There are two reasons to start strength training: to get stronger and to get stronger. Strength training will help you get stronger so you can lift heavier weights on your own, and it will also help you get stronger when you are strength training with a partner.

To get stronger, you need to increase the amount of weight you are lifting. You can’t just increase the amount of time you are lifting, you need to increase the amount of weight you are lifting.

The best time to start strength training is once you have made a commitment to the gym, have a routine set in place, and have built some strength. Now is not a good time to jump straight in at the deep end. Start with easier exercises, lower reps, and build up to more challenging exercises as you become more comfortable with the gym environment and your routine.

The Best Exercises for Women to Target the Butt and Thighs

The butt or glutes is the hardest muscle to build out of all of the major ones, so it makes sense that you want to start here. Working the gluteus maximus is an effective way to build a bigger butt, and you can get this from doing squats and lunging lunges.

To build the glutes and hips, you also want to include exercises that help you build your strength, like deadlifts and squats. If you want stronger thighs, you can include exercises that engage these muscles as well, like lateral lunges and split squats. Remember to focus on progressive overload which means adding more reps/sets/weights so that you're challenging yourself each workout session.


Female bodybuilding is often frowned upon for no rational reason. Bodybuilding is a great way to get fit, improve your health and look good in your clothes no matter your gender. It involves using heavy weights and intense reps to build muscle and lose fat. You can do bodybuilding exercises at the gym or you can use them at home to build your strength. If you want to give bodybuilding for women a try, make sure you follow these steps to get started.

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