We Planted 500 Trees With This App: Caremiles


caremiles app

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We at Nano Singapore are happy to report that we have successfully planted 500 trees through the Caremiles app! Here's how you can contribute as well:

How Does The Caremiles App Work?

caremiles app

The Caremiles app enables users to measure and mitigate their climate impact by connecting the Caremiles app to their vehicle.

Then, the app calculates your vehicle's contribution by using advanced technology with the utmost precision to showcase your impact in the form of trees planted.

In other words, the more environmentally conscious you are, the more trees you plant.

In addition to that, they also partner with incredible organizations such as Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition and Trees.org to plant Golden Forests with farmers.

So on top of saving the environment, you're also helping out the lives of families in need. 

Check out the video below for an in-depth look into the impact you could make.



With that said, go ahead and do the world a favor by tackling your car's climate impact using through the Caremiles app today!