13 Potential Tongkat Ali Benefits That You Should Know About

  • Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase free testosterone in men by around 600% when taken with multivitamins. (1)
  • A study has proven that athletes who take Tongkat Ali have reported increased strength in weightlifting then the placebo. (2)
  • Studies have found that those who take 300mg of Tongkat Ali exhibited greater weight loss than the placebo group. (3)

potential tongkat ali benefits

Tongkat Ali, or also known as Eurycoma longifolia or Malaysian ginseng, is a well known herb for many reasons. However, although the herb has been consumed by millions of people, many are still unaware of the potential benefits it offers. Tongkat Ali is sometimes used as a natural alternative to viagra, but more so as a way to increase energy levels and relieve stress. There are plenty more benefits to Tongkat Ali that you should know about in order to fully understand the potential of this amazing herb. These benefits were heavily researched and backed by scientists. Therefore, in this article, we will go through the 13 potential Tongkat Ali benefits that you should know about. Keep on reading to find out!

13 Potential Tongkat Ali Benefits

Both men and women can benefit from taking Tongkat Ali. The range of benefits is astonishing, reaching into domains that go beyond what we might expect from a herb that has been used for centuries. Without further ado, here are the 13 benefits of Tongkat Ali:

1. Boosts the Testosterone Production

tongkat ali benefits - boosts testosterone

Natural herbs like Tongkat Ali have been shown by science to be effective at controlling testosterone levels in both men and women. Amazing right?

In the last 20 years, there has been an abundance of research on the effects of Tongkat Ali on testosterone levels, and this research has been supported by both scientific evidence and clinical trials.

In addition, Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase free testosterone is produced by the adrenal glands, pituitary gland, testes, and ovaries.

2. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

potential tongkat ali benefits - reduces stress

Tongkat Ali has in fact been shown to improve mood by decreasing stress, anxiety, and tension.

Tongkat Ali has been compared to pharmaceuticals like Prozac and sertraline due to the calming effect it has on users (Zoloft). Is this the most effective natural remedy for anxiety and depression?

An study found that participants who took Tongkat Ali with multivitamins reported a significant reduction in cognitive stress, physical stress, behavioral stress, and overall stress.

3. Enhances Athletic Performance

tongkat ali benefits - enhacnes athletic performance

Tongkat Ali's benefits makes it a go-to among the fitness and sports set as a functional ingredient. Including Tongkat Ali in your routine gives you a leg up on the competition by accelerating your muscle gain and increasing your strength.

Plus, popular performance-enhancing formulas often include Tongkat Ali in addition to other herbs like Macca.

Hence, Athletes and sports professionals have turned to Tongkat Ali as a safe alternative to steroids in recent years, and the supplement has become popular as a pre-workout beverage as a result.

This proves that Tongkat Ali's health benefits allow for a striking improvement in performance-related activities, most notably in muscle growth and strength.

4. Increases Libido and Sexual Performance

There have been claims that Tongkat Ali is the second-best natural remedy after Viagra.

Not only that, but evidence of Tongkat Ali's effect on libido has accumulated over the years and is sufficient for scientific purposes. The potential health benefits for men include maintained sperm motility, semen production, libido, and erection strength.

In addition to that, increased testosterone production which Tongkat Ali provides appears to be the primary mechanism which is essential for the proper functioning of the male reproductive system. 

Because of the increasing prevalence of erectile dysfunction (ED) in the United States, Tongkat Ali has emerged as a more secure choice for those looking to treat ED with natural means.

Because of its long list of health benefits, Tongkat Ali is quickly replacing Viagra as the preferred alternative.

If you're a man looking to increase your libido without the unpleasant side effects of Viagra, you should consider trying Tongkat Ali, which has been shown to have these effects in scientific studies.

Researchers have shown a lot of interest in the effects of Tongkat Ali on men's sexual health, as evidenced by the numerous laboratory and hospital-based studies that have been conducted on the topic.

5. Reduces Inflammation

Scientific studies have found that Tongkat Ali can potentially reduce swelling and pain.

The body's inflammatory response is intended to help heal wounds and fight off infections, but chronic inflammation has been linked to a variety of serious conditions, including diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disease.

Quassinoids and alkaloids, two of the bioactive compounds found in Tongkat Ali, can reduce inflammation by blocking the formation of pro-inflammatory molecules.

Tongkat Ali's anti-inflammatory properties make it a promising treatment for a variety of degenerative conditions.

6. Improves Bone Health

potential tongkat ali benefits

Research has shown that Tongkat Ali may be useful in treating osteoporosis.

If you have osteoporosis, your bones are more likely to break or crack from ordinary trauma, such as a fall or, in extreme cases, even a sneeze or a minor bump, because they are weakened from the disease.

Osteoporosis, in layman's terms, is characterized by porous bone. A honeycomb structure can be seen in the microstructure of a healthy bone. Osteoporosis causes the honeycomb structure of bone to expand, creating larger holes and spaces than those found in normal, healthy bone.

Tongkat ali has shown promise as a treatment for osteoporosis due to its bone-building properties, which were discovered in recent studies.

7. Enhances the Immune System

Tongkat Ali has been shown to have effects that are beneficial to the immune system.

Compounds found in the herb, such as beta-carboline alkaloids, have been shown to have the ability to stimulate the production of various immune cells, including T-cells and natural killer cells. These immune cells are absolutely necessary for the body's defense against illnesses and infections.

Tongkat Ali may be able to improve overall health and well-being in addition to lowering the risk of contracting infections and diseases because of its ability to strengthen the immune system.

8. Reduces the Risk of Certain Cancers

Tongkat Ali has been studied for its potential to fight cancer.

Researchers have discovered that the herb's cytotoxic quassinoids can stop the growth and spread of cancer cells. In particular, Tongkat Ali has shown promise in studies looking into its potential against breast and prostate cancers.

9. Enhances Weight Loss

The increased levels of testosterone hormone that you may experience after taking Tongkat Ali may have a direct effect on your weight loss efforts.

Tongkat Ali has a profound effect on boosting lean muscle mass when used in conjunction with regular exercise, especially weight training.

Research has shown that Tongkat Ali can act as both an adaptogen and an anabolic plant.

Bone and muscle growth are made possible by the anabolic processes that occur in the human body. There is a lot of protein in Tongkat Ali, and it has a lot of anabolic properties.

In the past, researchers have found that taking Tongkat Ali can help active, healthy adults gain muscle.

However, we insist that a combination of planned exercises and proper nutrition is the best way to achieve significant weight loss.

Tongkat ali has been linked to assisting in weight loss and fat reduction in both men and women.

10. Reduces Blood Sugar Levels

Historical studies suggest that Tongkat Ali can lower blood sugar. If you have high blood sugar, Tongkat Ali supplements may help.

University Malaya, one of the best in ASEAN, conducted research on Tongkat Ali and found that it significantly reduced blood sugar levels.

More than 400 million people worldwide have diabetes, according to the World Health Organization, and the American Diabetes Association estimates that 86 million of them live in the United States (WHO). The World Health Organization's Global Report on Diabetes is available for download.

Keeping your blood sugar level steady becomes increasingly important as you age due to the cumulative effects of a diet high in processed sugar. If you have diabetes, or are at risk of developing it, your blood sugar levels may remain chronically elevated, which can have detrimental effects on your health.

11. Reduces Fatigue

Tongkat Ali has been shown to increase energy while at the same time reducing fatigue.

The herb contains compounds that can improve your body's ability to use oxygen, using it regularly can make you feel less tired and more energized.

Therefore, Tongkat Ali is a popular dietary supplement among athletes and people who are interested in getting in shape because of its capacity to improve one's performance while working out.

12. Improves Cardiovascular Health

A number of studies have demonstrated that Tongkat Ali is good for one's cardiovascular system.

It has been demonstrated that the herb reduces cholesterol levels and increases blood flow, both of which reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Thus, Tongkat Ali improves the health of blood vessels by reducing the amount of oxidative stress and inflammation that they are exposed to, which in turn reduces blood pressure and protects against atherosclerosis.

13. Supports Male Fertility

Historically, male fertility has been boosted with the help of Tongkat Ali. With its compounds that boost sperm quality and quantity, this herb is widely used as a supplement by men who want to increase their chances of fatherhood.

An increase in testosterone from Tongkat Ali is beneficial for a man's reproductive health. Overall reproductive health and pregnancy rates may benefit from Tongkat Ali's ability to boost sperm quality.


Tongkat Ali has a bright future due to its long list of health benefits. Years of scientific studies, technological innovation in herbal extraction, and increasing positive feedback from real-world gains have contributed to Tongkat Ali's recent global popularity. More of Tongkat Ali's beneficial properties have been uncovered thanks to advances in modern science and technology. Because of its numerous health advantages, Tongkat Ali has become one of the most popular "novelty herbs," enjoyed not only by hard-working athletes but by men and women from all walks of life.

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