Terrapass Carbon Balanced Business Program

Singapore Ecommerce Centre Pte Ltd is proud to further its sustainability initiatives by joining Terrapass Carbon Balanced Business Program (CBB). With an initial 7mT of Carbon Offsets, this engagement further solidifies the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

Terrapass Carbon Balanced Business Program is a program that allows companies to neutralize their business carbon footprint through the funding of emissions reduction projects. Projects are registered under the Climate Action Reserve (CAR) or Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), which assures transparency and quality in creating, quantifying, and verifying offsets.


Landfill Gas Capture

Land gas capture projects turn garbage into power by turning methane, a greenhouse gas 20 times more powerful than CO2, into renewable electricity. According to the EPA landfills are the third largest source of methane emissions in America. These projects protect our environment while creating clean energy and destroying harmful green house gases!

Farm Power

TerraPass works with farms in various communities to make the most of animal waste. Through anaerobic digesters, methane is captured as manure breaks down and it is then destroyed when used as a fuel for electricity production. These digestors can also produce other products that help the farm and reduce environmental impact- like fibrous material which can be separated, dried out, and used for bedding; or liquid effluent which may be used to fertilize crops. Anaerobic digestion also helps local communities by reducing water pollution from animal husbandry practices.

Clean Energy from Wind Farms

Wind energy displaces dirty electricity that is generated by gas and coal (the way of producing power in the United States). This means that the amount of carbon dioxide emissions avoided depends on whether or not you produce wind energy's electricity through a region with a high "carbon profile" - this refers to how much carbon dioxide is already emitted because it has higher amounts of fossil fuels. The US Environmental Protection Agency calculates regional grids' "carbon profiles", which are weighted averages for all commercial sources within them, periodically.

Abandoned Coal Mine Methane

The coal mines are a major source of methane emissions, which is released from naturally existing sources in the bed and that escapes into the atmosphere through mine shafts. Methane also escapes both from active mines and abandoned mines at their end-of-life point. TerraPass only supports projects where they seek to reduce these emissions by capturing them at abandoned coal sites as we want to avoid providing any benefit or incentive for companies involved with mining operations. Capture projects like this can provide two benefits: destroying powerful greenhouse gases while generating electricity so there's always a "double" advantage too!