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Best Probiotics Singapore Benefits
Prebiotic with Probiotic 15B CFU - 30 CT | Best Probiotics Supplements Singapore Nano Singapore
Prebiotic with Probiotic 15B CFU - 30 CT | Best Probiotics Supplements Singapore Nano Singapore
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Probiotics Singapore

"Works well for my bloating stomach and gastric. Prebiotic is a great combination together with Probiotic as Prebiotic helps feed and strengthen the probiotic bacteria."

- Nick Ng

Prebiotic with Probiotics 15B CFU - 30 CT [Exp: 01/2024]

Best Probiotics Supplements Singapore


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Best Probiotics for Women and Men in Singapore

Nano Singapore’s Prebiotic with Probiotic 15 Billion CFU is one of the best probiotics in Singapore. It is part of Award-Winning Brand Nano Singapore which has been awarded over 10 industry awards.

Singapore's Best Probiotics

As nourishing as probiotics can be for a body, some studies show that 99% of non-micro-shield probiotics die off in the first 30 minutes of their journey to the intestines due to a low pH environment

One of the things that set Nano Singapore probiotics apart from other probiotic supplements is the fact that it is made with nano-encapsulated probiotics. This means that Nano Singapore probiotics are more resistant to stomach acid and can survive transit through the digestive system

What Are Prebiotics?

Prebiotics provide important nutrients for probiotics in the human digestive system

Non-digestible carbohydrates remain intact as they travel through the digestive system to the colon. It becomes food (prebiotics) for the good bacteria (probiotics) in the gut and help them to flourish


WecPro Technology is a ground-breaking formula in Nano Singapore probiotics that creates multi protective layers to prevent the capsule from being broken down too early.

Once the Nano Singapore probiotics supplement is released from the stomach to the digestive tract, the capsule will break down and release the Probiotic into the body providing significant safeguard that ensure better survival of the living beneficial Probiotic bacteria.

How Prebiotics And Probiotics Works Together?

You can take prebiotics and probiotics together. Doing so is called microbiome therapy. Prebiotic fibers help feed and strengthen probiotic bacteria. Taking the two in combination in Nano Singapore's probiotics supplement can help make your probiotics more effective. This is also called “Synbiotics”.

Synbiotic products, like Nano Singapore's probiotics supplement, improve the survival of live microbial supplements in the gastrointestinal tract. When the synergistic effect is optimized between prebiotics and probiotics, the beneficial effects of each are optimized.

Probiotics and Prebiotics Together Make a Dynamic Duo


Prebiotics are the things that the friendly bugs eat. They come from the fibre in foods like these


Probiotics are the friendly bugs who live in your gut. You can also find them in foods like these


An Importan Prebiotic Fiber

Chicary root is the most common source of inulin
It is also highly concentrated in dandelion root and elecampane root
Inulin is often added to drinks, dairy products and baked goods for health benefits

Health Benefits of Prebiotics

Boost metabolism, reduces cravings and helps keep weight off

Increases bioavailability and uptake of minerals like iron and zinc

Support respiratory system, heart health and blood circulation

Increases calcium and magnesium absorption for stronger bones

Improves digestion and regularity and reduces “leaky gut syndrome”

Customer Reviews

Based on 72 reviews
Siew Wah Wong
Mr. S. W. Wong

The Prebiotic with Probiotic 15B CRU is good.


Just started taking and I feel less bloated. I think it's starting to work. Came nicely packed.

Yu S.
It helps me

After using it for a few days, I'll say the product is effective and helps with my bowels


I have been using this since last year and it has been worth it. Worth the price during the flash sale

Fairly Good

I've been taking this for quite some time. It is one of the cheapest probiotics on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we rate against other probiotics?

Check out our nano probiotics review to see all the encouraging words our customers have given us as compared to other brands’ probiotics in Singapore review!

How do I take supplements?

Always refer to the directions on the label. For best absorption, some dietary supplements should be taken with food; you may need to take others on an empty stomach. If it is not stated if you should eat before a meal or after, it means it doesn't matter and you can take it any time of the day.

If you forget to take your recommended dosage occasionally, it is fine. Just continue the next day.

If your supplement contains "Caffeine" (e.g. Lean Body Formula/Raspberry Ketone Extreme), we recommend you take them at least 8 hours before your bedtime as it may keep you too active from sleeping.

Like with all supplements, if you have any pre-existing conditions, you should always consult a doctor before taking any health supplements.

Can I consume different/multiple supplements together?

You should avoid taking supplements with the same ingredients. This is to prevent any risk of overdose.

To see what supplement works well with one another, please see our pairing guide: 

If you are taking any 3rd party supplements, always check the ingredients & label instructions. If in doubt, always consult your local doctor.

Like with all supplements, if you have any pre-existing conditions, you should always consult a doctor before taking any health supplements.

Can children, nursing/pregnant mothers and people with medical conditions consume your product?

Always refer to the directions on the label.

Like with all supplements, if you have any pre-existing conditions, you should always consult a doctor before taking any health supplements. All our supplements are safe for healthy adults when taken under the recommended dosage. Any product that may be unsuitable for nursing/pregnant mothers will be indicated on the label.

Where do you manufacture your products?

We have appointed manufacturers both in the USA and Hongkong.

The product is formulated in Singapore and manufactured in an FDA (or equivalent) registered facility with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) certification. Our health supplements are also 3rd party tested by independent labs for impurities.

Are your products Halal certified and what is the source of your Gelatin?

Our products are not Halal certified currently. We encourage you to check our ingredients label to check if you are comfortable with all the ingredients used.

This product contains no animal sources and all our capsules/softgels are made of vegan appropriate sources.

What is the expiry date of this product?

We are unable to provide the exact expiry date of the product due to expiry dates that may vary based on shipments stocks.

But do not worry, we do always ensure that product is delivered with more than 6 months expiry. You can contact us and request for exchange if the expiry date is less than 6 months.

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Prebiotic with Probiotics 15B CFU - 30 CT [Exp: 01/2024]