Detox Supplement – 15 Days Colon DetoxWant to cleanse and detox your body in a few seconds? Take one of Nano 15 Days Colon Detox pills for results! It contains...
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Detox Supplement – 15 Days Colon Detox
Want to cleanse and detox your body in a few seconds? Take one of Nano 15 Days Colon Detox pills for results! It contains Detox Enzyme blend that will help to detox all waste and toxins.

Detox Benefits
✔️ Detox Alleviates Bloating & Constipation
✔️ Detox Boosts Energy
✔️ Detox Toxins & Detox Waste from Intestinal Tract
✔️ Detox Promotes Healthy & Regular Bowel Movement
✔️ Detox Supports Weight Loss
  • Alleviates Bloating & Constipation
  • Boost Energy
  • Clean Toxins & Waste from Intestinal Tract
  • Promote Healthy & Regular Bowel Movement
  • Support Weight Loss
  • Barcode: 655881499216

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• BRIEF DESCRIPTION: Nano Singapore 15 Days Colon Detox Formula gives extra strength detox formula with Acai berry, Black Walnut, Papaya to detox all waste and detox all toxins.

• COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: Made in USA (Formulated in Singapore)

• 4 Detox Ingredients
✔️ Colon - Detox excess waste out. 15 Days Colon Detox Formula helps you to clean up your Digestive system, eliminate congestion resulting in detox.
✔️ Liver & Gallbladder - Filters blood and detox. 15 Days Colon Detox Formula helps you to clean up your body filters and detox.
✔️ Lungs, Kidney & Bladder - Detox urine, carbon dioxide and excess fluids. 15 Days Colon Detox Formula enhance your body naturally help to detox waste products!
✔️ Lymphatic System - Detox TOXINS. 15 Days Colon Detox Formula enhance your body naturally help to detox toxins & prevent fat accumulation!

• ACTIVE INGREDIENTS: 1532mg Proprietary Blend, Psyllium Powder, Acai Berry Fruit Extract, Inulin Slippery Elm Bark, Aloe Ferox Powder 18%, Chlorella, Black Walnut Hulls Powder, Ginger Root, Hyssop Leaf, Papaya Fruit Powder and Lycopene 5%

• CONTENT/ BOTTLE: 60 Veggie Detox Caps

• RECOMMENDED DOSAGE PER DAY: Take 1 detox capsule twice a day 20-30 mins before a meal with an 8oz glass of water or as directed by your healthcare professional.

60 Detox Capsules, Acai Berry 34x Detox Antioxidants VS Apple
Difference in just 15 days after detox, 11 Detox Ingredients

Why Regular Detox is Vital to your health!
Symptoms your body may be toxic that needs detox
- Fatigue, bloating, indigestion, unable to sleep, bad breath, allergies, joint pain, back pain, bowel irritability, body odor, mood swings, depression, headache, respiratory, skin problems, eczema, hemorrhoids/piles and constipation due to lack of detox

Do “Detox”, “Cleansing” Products Work?
- Laxative (“Slimming”) Tea
→ This dehydrates you. Not detox. Meant for people with constipation and use for 1-2 days. Excessive dehydration due to detox can lead to health issues.
- Fiber Drink
→ Fiber from plants that make your stool bulky and look nice. Meant for people who don’t take enough fiber. Excessive use can remove all your good bacteria in your gut instead of detox the bad bacteria!
- Digestive Enzyme
→ Break food down, Temporary congestion of the bile ducts and pancreatic enzyme ducts by providing more enzymes. Doesn’t solve root cause of “congestion” and detox. Long term use will result in dependencies and may cause gas and bloat and affect the digestion of foods like wheat & dairy with no detox.

Replacing one 800 calorie meal with 2 classes of water and 15 Days Colon detox formula.

15 Days Colon Detox Formula has high volume
- All the detox benefits in a pill
- The Most Powerful Detox and Cleansing Formula
15 Days Colon Detox Formula has 30 Days Detox Servings
15 Days Colon Detox Formula has highest orac in the market
- Each Comparable Detox Serving is Acai Berry = 34 Apple (Source: ORAC Database Value)

The Best Detox Supplement is Nano Singapore’s 15 Day Colon Detox Formula. With 11 Powerful Natural Detox Ingredients including Acai Berry, Psyllium Powder, Insulin and Chlorella, Detox is the smarter choice!

⚠️ CAUTION: Do not exceed recommended detox supplements dose. Pregnant or nursing mothers, children under the age of 18, and individuals with a known medical condition should consult a physician before using this or any dietary supplement.

1. What does compliments with the detox product? Please check out our paring guide here: http://nanosingaporeshop.com/corporate/images/pairingguide.jpg
2. What is the Expiry Date? All our products are delivered with a minimum of 6 months or more, unless stated otherwise.

1. All detox health supplements are intended to support or maintain the healthy functions of the human body. Detox supplements are not a treatment or prevention, implied or otherwise, of any disease or disorder, including its related conditions.
2.The detox testimonials, statements, and opinions presented on our website are applicable to the individuals depicted. Results of taking detox supplements will vary and may not be representative of the experience of others.

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